TapTop FAQs

TapTop FAQs

  • What is TapTop?
    • TapTop is a revolutionary board game console that will allow you to choose from hundreds of games at the touch of button. With a large digital playspace that can detect physical objects on the screen, our social gaming platform breathes new life into tabletop gaming and collectible toys. Most importantly, we use the power of play to bring families back together — bonding, sharing, and building memories.
  • Does TapTop work with Amazon’s Alexa?
    • Yes!  Alexa is now an integral part of TapTop!  Having Alexa on our device enables TapTop to be much more than a game console and turns it into a true touchstone device - something that will likely live on your kitchen or coffee table and become the centerpoint of gathering and connection in the home.   Not only do we support the entire suite of Alexa skills available to us, but you can also play dozens of Alexa voice-based board games, trivia games, and RPG games on TapTop.  In addition, we’re working with many of the other Alexa board game publishers to bring their games directly to TapTop and are launching first with “Dead Giveaway” (formerly known as St. Noire) from Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and the Virsix team.  For more information about Alexa on TapTop, subscribe to our newsletter for future updates by entering your email address on our website.
  • Does TapTop really work with physical pieces, cards and dice?
    • Yup!  TapTop uses state-of-the-art NFC tech to allow the device to recognize and respond to dice and game pieces that have a corresponding NFC sticker, but you can also play any game on TapTop without separate physical smart pieces.
  • Are you taking any orders now?
    • Right now we’re focusing on fulfilling existing pre-orders and aren’t currently taking additional orders; however, we will be taking more orders later this year, so if you want to be first in line, make sure to subscribe to future updates by entering your email address on our website!

Order and Shipping Info
  • When will my TapTop ship?
    • TapTop preorders are on their way!  If you’ve already finalized your order, keep a lookout for a notification containing your FedEx tracking number.  At the moment, we are doing our best to deliver the majority of our remaining fully paid pre-orders by or before May 2021.  If you have yet to finalize your order or if you have additional questions about our current shipping timeline, please reference this article for more information.  
  • How do I check my order status?
    • You can check your order status by using your email and 8-digit receipt number to login to https://orders.blokparty.com/  We recently emailed everyone their receipt numbers to make this easier, so if you missed this correspondence, please take a look through your inbox and spam folder.  If you’re still having trouble logging in or you have a specific question regarding your order, you can submit a support ticket here, but please note that it may take up to a week to receive a response. 

Games and Toys
  • Which games are on TapTop?
    • We have almost 20 games in our library right now, with many more pending release later this year.  If you’d like to see the full list of currently available games, you can do so here.  Or enter your email on our website to join our mailing list and receive updates on new releases!  
  • How do I pay for games?
    • TapTop is a subscription-based service.  Some games, like Chess, Checkers, or Texas Hold’Em, are free to play at all times.  Others will require a small monthly subscription for full access to the library.  BUT, if you’re an early backer who is still waiting to receive your TapTop, once it arrives this spring you’ll have FREE access to ALL the games in the library for 3 full months. 
  • How do I play Alexa games on TapTop?
    • All you need to do to play most Alexa voice-based games on TapTop is say “Alexa, let’s play a game.”  For more information about Alexa on TapTop and a full list of the Alexa-enabled games you can play, subscribe to our newsletter for future updates by entering your email address on our website.   
  • Who develops games and apps for TapTop?
    • Right now, most TapTop exclusive apps are being developed by our own game studio. TapTop is a premium platform, and we want to ensure that the core library includes only high-quality games with an excellent standard of user experience. However, we are also working with a few select 3rd party developers and studios to make more games for TapTop.
  • Can I play remotely by connecting to a TapTop device through the internet?
    • Remote-play is definitely on our roadmap, but at the moment it’s only available with 8-Minute Empire.  If you’d like to stay up to date on future implementations of remote-play, you can go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter!
  • Do I need a special app on my phone to connect to TapTop?
    • We eventually intend to release a TapTop companion app for your phone, but for now all games have been made to play without connecting to a smartphone.
  • What about games with hidden information for specific players?
    • Right now all games with hidden information employ a peek mechanism - when a user cups their hands around their cards on TapTop’s screen, the information is revealed to them, and when they remove their hands, the information is obscured.  
  • Do I need anything else to use TapTop?
    • A WiFi connection is needed to download new games, but, once downloaded, you can play most games without connection to WiFi. Beyond these requirements, we think you should bring a fun attitude, good friends, and some snacks! And don’t worry about spills or crumbs - TapTop’s screen is water-resistant. ;)
  • Can I use any dice or toys on the TapTop, or do I need to purchase special ones from Blok Party?
    • In order for your TapTop to recognize a dice roll or the stats of a particular toy, those dice and toys need to be NFC-enabled (essentially, they have to contain a special NFC chip, or in the case of dice, 6 chips, that are coded to communicate specific information to your TapTop when they’re placed on the screen).  For now, the only toys or dice that will work on your TapTop are the ones we sell ourselves, which should be available for purchase later this year.  We’re also working on partnering with other companies to make TapTop-compatible toys.  And eventually, anyone will be able to turn an existing toy into a TapTop-toy by adding enabled NFC stickers to them!  If you’d like to stay up-to-date on all things toys and TapTop, you can go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter!

Hardware and Product Specs
  • Is TapTop really water-resistant and shatterproof?
    • Yes! The screen is fully water-resistant and has an industrial-grade glass protector that we’ve found can withstand a 500g ball drop from 1 meter. That means you don’t have to worry about your kids or messy friends dropping or spilling things or even climbing on top of your TapTop and starting a wrestling match when things get really tense. One caveat - while the screen is waterproof, the rest of the hardware is not, so we don’t recommend taking a bath with your TapTop, much as you may want to!
  • Does TapTop have a battery?
    • No. TapTop requires a power outlet. We’ve found that adding a battery would significantly increase both the weight and cost, and we don’t really see someone taking their TapTop to play on the bus.
  • How big is TapTop’s screen?  Do you offer multiple sizes?
    • TapTop currently has a rectangular 24” diagonal full-HD screen. We have found this size to be the most convenient and effective in terms of the space it takes up and its ability to handle most 4-player games and some 6-player games.  The full diimensions of TapTop, including the outer casing are 16"x25" and just under 2" high. 
  • Is TapTop’s software available in different languages?
    • TapTop is only available in English.
  • Can I increase the storage capacity of my TapTop either internally or externally after purchase?
    • Storage cannot be increased either internally or externally and any attempt to open your TapTop will void your warranty.
  • Is TapTop compatible with HDMI?
    • TapTop does not currently support HDMI.
  • Do you sell a carrying case for TapTop?
    • We don’t currently sell a separate carrying case for TapTop, but we’ve designed the box that TapTop arrives in so that it can be re-used as a carrying case if desired.
  • What’s the best way to clean TapTop’s screen?
    • We recommend just using a damp microfiber cloth to clean TapTop’s screen, but if you’re looking for a little more disinfecting or grease-fighting power, you can wet your cloth with equal parts water and vinegar and a drop of dish soap.  Whatever you do, don’t use anything with ethyl alcohol or bleach in it, as harsh chemicals can damage the coating on the screen and create permanent streaks.
  • Will TapTops shipped internationally come with a country-specific powercord?
    • No, all TapTops currently ship with a US powercord; however, no stepdown is needed as the power brick can handle 220v. If you live internationally, all you need to plug in your TapTop is an outlet converter or a C2G 14 AWG Power Cord for your country.
  • Other Specs
    • Weight - approx. 16#
    • Storage Capacity - original TapTops came in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. 
    • Color - Marshmallow White
    • 4 USB-A ports
    • WiFi connectivity - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    • Bluetooth - 4.1
    • Alexa Built-In Certified
    • Touchscreen - 10 point multi-touch LCD IR screen with an industrial-grade shatterproof glass protector on top 
    • Screen Resolution - 1920x1080
  • Does TapTop have a warranty?  What about your refund policy?
    • Yes, TapTop comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects. While all unfulfilled orders are fully refundable prior to being finalized, once you receive your TapTop, we only offer repair and replacement services.  For more information on refunds and returns please submit a support ticket. 
Please look through the rest of our Knowledge Base for more detailed troubleshooting guides and FAQs.  If you still can’t find a solution, you can also submit a support ticket here.  Please know, however, that it may take up to a week before we’re able to get back to you.

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